The day of 8th March is celebrated worldwide as International Women’s Day. The day witnesses a series of events, announcements, and promises for a better future of women. At the same time, the day is also criticized by a few. Here I’m trying to discuss the relevance, the controversy and the reality attached to this very important day that comes every year.

The History and The Relevance of Women’s Day

The Banned Poster in Germany

The Banned Poster in Germany

The date of 8th March was suggested in the year 1910 during International Woman’s Conference. In Russia, the day became a national holiday from the year 1917 and was celebrated by the socialist movement and communist countries alike. On the same day of 8th March in 1914, women in Germany protested for the right to vote. The impact of this can be understood by the fact that the banner of this event was banned in Germany. However, the German women didn’t get their right to vote until the year 1918. Later the day was adopted by United Nations in the year 1975.

Therefore, this day is not just one day of celebration for women. This day symbolizes the start of the struggle of women and their win over the male-dominated society for the equal rights (which is still far from reality in several parts of the world).

The Controversy

Many people (men and women alike) support the fact that women don’t need a day to celebrate but the whole year should be dedicated to them and marking just one day of the year is not justice with the greatness of women.

To this opinion, I have just one thing to say. Swimming against the stream needs a lot of courage and a proper reason to proceed. Without a reason, going against the direction of the stream is of no use. So, before criticizing the day, try to understand the reality, know the facts, judge the motive, and then form an opinion. Like I said earlier, this day symbolizes the beginning of change for women and since the change is a gradual process, we need to work towards the positive change for women in every direction.

Twitter was abuzz today with tweets on #InternationalWomensDay. According to me, the best tweet came from @ValaAfshar (Chief Digital Evangelist @Salesforce):

This video tweeted by the Prime Minister of India says a lot:

The Reality

Let’s talk about the reality now. . .
Are we living in a society where both men and women are enjoying equal rights? – NO.
When the day will come where men will give rights to the women they deserve? It won’t come until we start thinking differently. It won’t come until we start objectifying women. I’ll again take an example tweet:

For me, its exhibitionism not the women empowerment. The empowerment will come only if we start respecting women, giving them the due credit for everything they do for us. On this day I also received a lot of messages, but the one that left a mark on me said

“Happy women’s day to all the women who represent the half of society and who raises the other half.”